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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it's thursdayity thursday october 4. so glad you're with us today. it's still dreary around here in new york, but tomorrow is supposed to be 81 degrees and sunny. >> it will be a summer day. >> makes my egyptian sun goddess happy. >> you know what else makes me happy? >> kenneth krause. >> if you guys remember, there
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was a news anchor from wisconsin who admittedly says she is overweight. this guy wrote in and criticized her and said she was not a good role model, jennifer livingston -- >> mother of three little girls. >> here is kenneth krause. he is a personal injury lawyer and a frequent visitor to the gym. >> and now hoda says, one look, all's forgiven. >> i did not. no! >> you are shallow beyond measure. >> by the way, this is what's weird about this guy. after he had the opportunity to unring the bell. >> he had a chance to say he's sorry. >> he went back in and followed up with if you need help or counseling, i'll do it. it sounded patronizing in the e-mail tone. >> it did. . who knows if it really was. and there were people who were outraged when they found out about kenneth krause.
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someone posted on a friend's facebook page, i hope kenneth's wife -- i guess he's married -- michelle, doesn't pack on a few pounds. who knows what he would do to her. what do you think? >> i think this. i think she invited him on the air with her and he declined. >> yes. >> she did it in -- it's anti-bullying month. october is. so i think it's a good lesson to be learned. most bullies, when faced, will back off. basically bullies are cowards. they don't expect anyone to stand up to them. they run often. donny deutsch feels she was the bully using her position on the air. i thought she was using it as a teachable moment for people. >> i do, too. >> hopefully kenneth krause learns something from it. there are two kinds of ignorance i discovered, hodi. there's real ignorance which we all have on occasion, which we didn't know something. there is nothing wrong if you didn't know something yet.
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there is another ignorance when you find out the truth, but it doesn't fit your agenda so you continue in your ignorance because i don't want to know the truth. >> right. >> it makes sense. >> it's inconvenient. >> it so turns me off. you don't have to tell an overweight person they are overweight. you don't have to tell them they struggle every day. they wake up every morning, they know it's something they are facing. so when some guy who looks like that writes an e-mail and has a tsk, tsk tone to it, it's annoying. if you want to help someone, that's not the way. you don't say you're not a good role model. you don't know anything about her. nothing, zero. >> she is a mother to three children. ask those little girls if she is a good role model. >> yeah. so there, kenneth. >> we don't want to beat up on him forever, just today. >> and maybe tomorrow. good news for facebook. they got a billion users. i guess today.
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i wonder who the billionth one is. >> i don't know. i wonder if they get a carnival cruise. free tickets to "scandalous." who knows what that person gets. i hope it's great. >> they say one in seven of the people on the whole planet, one in seven, they are part of the facebook community. >> i ain't that one. i guess i am part of that community because our show, through our work. i just think we talked about it a few months ago. we are becoming what is now called a post-modern society, which means -- and this should scare us all -- that for the first time in all of history we are more comfortable with technology than we are with fellow human beings. how is that going to work? it's working its way? all the bullying we are seeing. all the sexting we are seeing. we have this anonymity behind a computer screen. >> the question you asked, does that make you more yourself, do you become who you are or do you just become this other person
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you think nobody can see me, i'm going to say mean things. i'm going to sext where i wouldn't normally do. >> i don't think a kind person would do mean things. justify that for me. >> here's the thing. facebook has one billion users. >> we only want half a million. we only need a few more. we have 469,727. at of right now. >> look, all you have to do is like us. how hard is that? >> we hate schilling and being desperate. >> no, we don't. >> go to our facebook page. search kathie lee and hoda and click on "like." >> even if you don't, it would be kind. it's anti-bullying. >> we don't care if you like us or not. not really. >> i'll never find out because i won't read this stuff. you know. you find out what they say. did you know bald men are more masculine but are considered less attractive? >> i don't think they are less attractive.
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>> i haven't seen too many men you don't like, hoda. if you know what i mean. i think you're generous about the men you like. >> here's the thing. when you walk up to someone and there is a palpable chemistry, you don't know what -- you have the opposite when you dislike someone. you know something isn't clicking. sometimes it doesn't matter if they are bald or hefty. or whatever. it's like you feel it right when you meet them. it's in the eyes. >> the problem with that is you feel it with a lot of people. >> no, i don't. no, i don't. i feel it with certain people. >> anyhow. >> you feel it with bruce, bruce willis. >> yes. you do, too. >> no, i don't. i like him. he's a nice guy. >> howie mandel. >> i liked him with hair better. >> this is yours, get ready? >> i think patrick stewart is a sexy man. he looks like my friend stanley moore who is 87 and looks
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exactly the same as he did when i met him when he was 60. here is our sexiest. we love him together. ed harris. >> he is a sexy guy. taye diggs is a hotty. >> yep yep yep. >> this guy takes the cake. our favorite, matt lauer. >> then there is al roker. very cute. then big willie. >> we wondered what he would be like without hair. >> big bald willie. >> oh, oh, let's never do that again. >> let's hoping he's not carrying that genetic tendency. >> that's not great. all right. we started this thing where we are giving a nice guy of the week award. >> who knew we would find two in one week. there is hope for our planet. >> tell us about tyler perry. >> this is the sweetest thing. >> when he heard a georgia woman van had been stolen from her driveway, he bought her a new one. her name is alicia day.
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she has cerebral palsy. she had a special equipped van. she goes to her job as a greeter at home depot. her story aired at a local tv station. caught tyler perry's attention. >> he's such a great guy by the way. >> when she got the news she said my mouth just dropped. you know what? this is a man who's got all kinds of means. he's a very successful guy. came from lots of sadness and disparities. he uses everything he has now to make people happy. i love him. great guy. >> love him. >> are you addicted to the internet? >> no. >> they are talking about classifying it as a real mental illness. >> i told you that, hoda. >> have you lost your phone and thought you lost your mind? that happened to me in tennessee. >> i know. >> do row you remember? >> i couldn't find it. >> i was panicking. here is what bothered me the most. we were in the van going to the airport. i want to talk because i didn't have a phone. everybody had their heads down. you did, too. you were texting on your phone. >> my grandma had called me from
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california. >> exactly. everybody was preoccupied and i wanted to talk. there i was a loner. >> loser. >> she found it. you have to ask yourself these questions. >> how often do you find yourself staying online longer than intended? >> how often do you neglect household chores to be online? >> you answered these questions. >> the answer is yes to all of these. >> how often do you prefer the excitement of the internet to intimacy with your partner? >> that's weird. what excitement is on the internet really? >> porn. >> okay. >> i hear. >> good point. i didn't think of it. how often do you form new relationships with fellow online users? never. no, i don't. some people do. >> how often do you find yourself anticipating when you can go online again. >> that's like crack. you got a problem. don't look. this is an old song. it's a john denver song. >> i'm going to probably like
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it. >> you already saw it. >> i just saw it. >> this is sung not by john denver but by carly ray yep yep /* -- jepsen. >> the "call me maybe" girl. >> such a feel-good song. ♪ sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy ♪ ♪ sunshine in my eyes can make me cry ♪ >> is this on her new cd? >> i heard it randomly and thought who is singing "sunshine on my shoulders" so beautifully. carly e.r.a. -- carly ra rae jepsen. >> this is a cover of an old song. >> she's good. she'll have more. >> she is talented, yeah, yeah. it will be unbelievable if she comes up with something as catchy as the other. >> she won't. >> she might. >> no. it's over. >> is it okay or not okay to tweet for your pet?
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>> you say? >> it's okay, but let's be honest, it's kind of weird. >> i think it's weird when you're tweeting for your animal. >> who's got the time to do this stuff? >> what did i say? >> you said, yes, it's okay. finally you can tweet naked pictures and no one will care. >> did you know it's breast cancer awareness month? >> yes. i'm going to give a speech in connecticut today. >> richards in greenwich avenue. what time? >> i think 12:30. i'm going to leave here immediately and bolt up there. >> i wish i could see it. we are in tech in our show and very, very busy. carolina herrera created this limited edition t-shirt. for sax 14th and annual key to the cure campaign. >> it's $35 and 100% of the proceeds, not half but all go to the entertainment industry foundation women's cancer research fund. >> good, good, good. >> we loved him as lou grant and the voice behind the old man in "up" we catch up with ed asner. >> and the big reveal after these two lucky ladies get an
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ambush makeover. >> it's "everybody has a story day." we have an amazing story of infertility that turns out with a happy ending. four happy endings. >> be right back. pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at
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yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care. seven-time emmy-winning actor -- sorry. ed asner has had a long and prolific career, but he's best known as lou grant, the gruff but soft-hearted boss who likes to say it like it is to mary in the 1970 sitcom "the mary tyler moore show." >> what religion are you? >> mr. grant, i don't know how to say this, but you're not allowed to ask that when someone is applying for a job. it's against the law. >> want to call a cop? >> now ed asner returned to broadway in a play called "grace" playing a man struggling with regret but never at a loss for words.
2:20 am
>> are you a jesus freak? >> well, we are not jesus freaks. >> we are both committed christians. >> oh, i've got some news for you. >> all right. >> one, there is no jesus. >> really? >> two. there's no god. >> interesting. >> three. mind your own business and everything works out. >> it officially opens tonight, right? are you having a good time over there with paul rudd and the gang? >> it's a wonderful creative process. i'm with three great actors, having been directed by a great director, written by a great playwright. >> so you're a pig in mud. >> you know the feeling? >> yes, i do. i'm just right up the street. we are at the neil simon, but we are here to talk about you right now. >> you are an exterminator. i can tell by the gear you're got going on. >> i'm german.
2:21 am
>> explain your character. >> german exterminator. >> it's the little guys. >> tell us about your character a little bit. >> well, he was raised in a family that wanted to help ju jew s /* /- -- jews during the war. or even before the war. he goes through a great deal. his father was a very religious man, believed intensely in god. both his parents get killed during the war and he's been made to commit an unspeakable act by the nazis. so he denies god as we find initially in the play. a series of events unfolds. i won't say he finds god, but he finds something. >> maybe a little redemption along the way, huh? >> he gets the redemption. >> don't you think all great art has redemption at its core? look at dickens, all the great writers, tolstoy?
2:22 am
in the end there is some sort of redemption or you feel unsatisfied with the book. >> "les miserables." >> are you enjoying your time on the stage? most people know you probably from tv. >> what i find fascinating about the stage, the deeper tone, what i find fascinating about the stage, they've always said this repeatedly, it's different every night. >> yes. >> the one joke falls flat, the next night it's boffo. >> because the audience is everything. >> and you screw up, too >> have you had a screw-up? meltdowns? >> no meltdowns, brain farts. >> depending how long those last they can turn into meltdowns. you know what he said when he saw hoda, he came over for a big hug and said -- what did you say?
2:23 am
too big to fail. that's hoda. >> she interviewed me then. >> she is a long drink of water. >> mary tyler moore was here about a week ago. >> how is she? >> she seemed great. do you guys keep in touch? >> we don't. >> is that on purpose or would you like to run into her on occasion? >> i would like to run into her. where is the van? >> you saw betty white recently. >> i did her show. that's kind of a command appearance. >> you really didn't like anybody you worked with? >> tell mary to get me on her show. >> because you don't have enough. "grace" officially opens tonight at the court theater on broadway. >> beautiful show. you won't have a lot of time to catch it. so you'd better run. >> run real quick. >> sara has one funny webtastic video for us. right after this.
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it is time for webtastic where our very own sara haines digs up the next video that will surely put a smile on your face. >> this week we've gone to the dogs with a video featuring an english mastiff with a mind of his own. >> you know mornings when you don't want to get out of bed? lincoln the dog can certainly relate. >> linc, get down. get down. get down. get down. get down. get off the bed. get off this bed. linc, get off. get off the bed. get down. get down. get down. get down. don't you growl. you get down.
2:29 am
time to wake up. you get off the bed. will you get up now? you had enough sleep? you get off. you get down. get down. >> it's never happening. >> get down. get down. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you going to stay there forever? okay. get down. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's not ever happening. >> there's no takeaway on this. it's not like the great artist >> she is no cesar milan. >> the kids climb on him, the cat climbs on him. they have catered to him because he get allergies and gets shots. they let him stay in the bed.
2:30 am
they've created a little monster. a big monster. you should get a mastiff. >> oh, my gosh. >> they are ready for their big close-up. today's ambush makeovers. >> and "everyone has a story." an inspiring story. one woman's struggle to overcome infertility. it's going to move you to tears. so beautiful. 2@
2:31 am
2:32 am
we are back on this thirsty thursday with the second ambush makeover of the week. our team recovered from tennessee just in time to grab two lucky ladies off the plaza. and surprise them with a brand-new look. >> working their magic is our resident makeover team, stylist to the stars louis licari and "today" contributor and author jill martin. >> it was rainy andicy out there. >> a little misty. the weather has been funny in new york this week. but it was still a great crowd. we found this very lovely family. mom and daughter. >> mother/daughter team. we'll start off with the daughter.
2:33 am
kristen. she had the same look for as long as she can remember. she was thrilled when we approached her on the plaza. let's take a to her story. >> okay. so you tell me you're not an overbearing, pushy mom. but you do have a few tips for us on this makeover she has a prominent position as a customer service rep and i think she could look better. she could accent her figure, make-up, look better. she wears minimal make-up. >> what do you think about that advice from your mom? >> i agree. i think with my busy lifestyle i minimized things. it will be fun to do something different. >> what do you think your hubby randy will think of all this? >> he'll love it. he would be open to anything. he wouldn't care. he'd love to have me do something different, i'm sure. if it makes me happy, i'm sure he would be happy. >> sounds like a good guy. >> the whole family is here. hubby randy, please raise your hand. her sons alex, zachary, adam and father merwyn.
2:34 am
he's my favorite. >> me, too. >> here is kiersten before. let's see the new you, kiersten. oh, my god! wow! all right, guys. take off your blind folds. take a look. >> whoa! >> look at merwyn. we need the paddle. >> you ready to turn around, kiersten? turn around and take a peek. >> oh, wow. >> gorgeous. >> wow, thank you. >> look right there at this camera right here. >> tell us about the hair. >> this is a perfect example how a series of small changes can really change your whole look. we gave her that great shape around the face and the layers. face, shape and layers is so important. that sculpts your face. a little pinch of make-up. i softened her hair color which i bet you colored at home. i tried to even it out. add a few subtle highlights. >> randy's eyes are pooling up.
2:35 am
what do you think? >> i think she's beautiful. i mean, you were beautiful before, but you look beautiful now, too. just gorgeous. i love it. i'm glad you didn't get your hair cut too short or anything crazy. you look beautiful. really. your smile. >> this is like a love letter. >> that drs is hot. >> i love red, especially for fall. you can dress this up by boots. this is by maggie london. and this beautiful cuff and earrings by kendra scott. >> big round of applause for kirsten. go join your family. now we move on to kirsten's mom. her name is nancy jones. today is her 70th birthday. she stopped coloring her carry in 1988. she decided to take a chance on this brand-new look as she starts this new chapter in her life. let's listen to nancy's story.
2:36 am
>> happy 70th birthday. we are going to change your whole look. what do you think? she's been growing her hair since she's been 40. what do you think about us changing it? >> it would be great. i haven't seen her in anything but gray. >> brunette, redhead, what do you think? >> whatever you think. make me look younger. >> you got it. ready to look 40? >> i am. >> go, girl. >> gee, i am, too. >> that same family's here. let's take one last look at nancy before. don't turn around yet. and here comes nancy. happy birthday, girl. wow! all right. you guys ready? one, two, three! >> oh, my god! >> merwyn, yeah, baby. you want to see yourself? >> i would love to. >> turn around, darling. >> oh, my gosh. this is me? >> yes. allegedly it's you. that hairstyle is adorable on you. >> that is so cute.
2:37 am
sassy. spin right there and look in that camera. >> that is an amazing change. >> she had beautiful gray hair. when you have gray hair like that, people say why change it? this is why you change it. it adds depth and it took off 10 to 15 years. and that's without the make-up. we gave her this incredibly sassy hairdo. it's young, it's fun. it can be groomed with her fingers. >> merwyn, what do you think, baby? >> i'm afraid to take her to my coffee group because these guys who are a little older than i am, they'll attack her. >> especially in that dress. >> the dress is london times. to celebrate her birthday we wanted to give her something. she lost all her items, all her luggage. >> she this they're getting returned at the airport. but we wanted to give her something to celebrate in. >> happy birthday to mother and
2:38 am
daughter. so beautiful. >> thank you, louis. jill, you always do such an awesome job. pull out your handkerchiefs, everybody. >> "everyone has a story" honors one special lady and her struggle to have a baby. >> see what happened to her right after this. for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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♪ everyone has a story >> it is time to meet our newest everyone has a story contest winner. elizabeth stewart wrote to us about her devastating struggle with infertility. >> we'll meet everyone in just a moment but first let's listen to e elizabeth's beautiful letter. beautiful letter. >> would i ever know what it was like to hold a baby of my own? this was a question that weighed heavy on my mind for many years. it's just not the right time. you just need to relax. it will happen in god's time. these are just a few of the phrases that i hated to hear. most of the time coming from the mouth of someone that didn't understand struggles with
2:43 am
infertility. working at a high school at the time where there were 13 pregnant students didn't make it any easier. finally, after six years of trying, we found out we were expecting twins. i can't even explain the excitement the following weeks brought. finding out that we were going to have one boy and one girl just made it that much more exciting. that excitement was replaced with absolute distraught at just 20 weeks gestation. our baby boy's membranes ruptured and there was nothing the doctors could do to save them. then i delivered him stillborn the next day. his sister followed shortly after. the difference was that she was still alive. i held her tiny little body until her heart stopped beating. it was one of the hardest things i've ever done. one year and one week after losing the twins, we were
2:44 am
blessed with our little girl lilya. she was the love of our lives. we decided we would have one more child and be done. maybe that is why we were surprised when we saw four babies on the screen. because of our past experience, i never dreamed that i would actually carry four healthy babies. i proved myself wrong by carrying them 31 weeks and five days. i'm not sure what i did to deserve these blessings i've been given, but i thank god every day for choosing me. >> elizabeth is here. half of them are crying, but they're all here. elizabeth is here with her husband anthony, lilya, oscar, harrison, benjamin and their wonderful stepson caleb. we completely lost control. mama was crying, too, reliving the whole thing or just exhaustion from the kids? >> no, it is. it's reliving it.
2:45 am
>> you said at one time that you would rather have never been pregnant than have a miscarriage. when you lost the two children. >> yes. >> what gave you the courage to want to try again? >> at that point i knew. i knew what it was like to have a baby. they were my children. even though i didn't have them living anymore. so i knew they still wanted children. >> were you afraid it wouldn't happen again? >> when you heard the second time you got pregnant you weren't having one baby, not two, not three, but four. what went through both of your minds? >> was it hallelujah? [ laughter ] >> i just did not think we would ever carry four and have four healthy babies. there was a little bit of fear.
2:46 am
but i just placed it in god's hands and said if it's meant to be, it will be. if not, then we have lilya. >> took a lot of faith. >> it sure did. >> how are you handling everything, by the way? >> well, this is a little bit out of our routine. with a lot of routines. it takes a lot. >> you guys are an amazing couple, an amazing family. i know, baby. it's okay. >> we are going to try to calm everybody down and when we come back, allison love from the upcoming broadway show "scandalous" -- i can't believe i just said that -- performs a song written just for elizabeth and her beautiful family. now i'm crying right after this. cold air moving in. i'm meteorologist chris warren with your weather channel forecast. good morning to you. dealing with showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two from parts
2:47 am
of the ohio valley and into the great lakes, down into the southern plains. behind this front as this moves through, much colder air will be in place. and you can see it that blue shoulding screaming at you saying cold air moving in and that's exactly what's going to happen. these temperatures will be into the mid to upper 40s. that's it for daytime highs. so most areas here are going to start this morning in the 20s and the 30s. this cool air making it all the way down into oklahoma, including tulsa and oklahoma city. it is going to be a chilly day. that cold front sags even farther to the south. saturday a completely different day in dallas. if you see temperature readings in the afternoon today in dallas into the lower 80s, that is going to be a thing of the past. because by saturday these daytime highs only in the 50s. so this is going to be a noticeable change for you this weekend throughout parts of the lone star state. still very cold throughout parts of colorado into wyoming. and into the northern tier here
2:48 am
with daytime highs only into the 40s. saturday not looking like too bad of a day there throughout parts of the northeast. we're going to have a better chance for some showers on sunday for the northeast as that low starts to push off. and it's going to be much cooler. instead of the 70s, that cool air does make it to you. and you'll have the daytime highs only into the lower mid and upper 50s. so it will be in the 50s and much cooler. on monday things start to quiet down a little bit. things calmingdown. and daytime highs gradually warming back up. so moderating a bit. those temperatures moderating back to 70 degrees in dallas, upper 50s in new york. remember weekdays on the weather channel you can wake up with al. ♪
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♪ everyone has a story >> we are with back with "everyone has a story" honoring elizabeth stewart who is here with her husband anthony and
2:51 am
their incredible brood. >> now elizabeth, it's time for you to hear the song david friedman and i wrote just for you. here to perform it is the wonderful and talented broadway performer allison love. the song is called "i have you." ♪ we each have a question ♪ we ask when we're alone ♪ mine was would i ever hold ♪ a baby of my own ♪ people gave me answers ♪ that i didn't want to hear ♪ but i kept on dreaming ♪ hoping praying ♪ year after year ♪ god give me a baby ♪ a child to call my own ♪ a tiny life to rock and sing to ♪ a precious life to love and
2:52 am
cling to ♪ ♪ was that too much to ask the heavens for ♪ ♪ how could i be sure ♪ the heavens they stayed silent ♪ and it just broke my heart ♪ to think the heavens hadn't heard my prayers tore me apart ♪ but still i kept on praying ♪ that's all that i could do ♪ i just prayed and prayed and prayed ♪ ♪ that i'd have you ♪ then god gave me a baby ♪ in fact he gave me two ♪ i thought my dreams have all come true now ♪ god you really have come through now ♪ ♪ but just before they saw the light of day ♪
2:53 am
♪ god took them away ♪ i thought oh god whatever i have done ♪ i know it's true ♪ you'd never hurt or punish me because that's not what you do ♪ and so i kept on praying and in just over a year ♪ ♪ my prayers were finally answered and my precious child was here ♪ ♪ they say that when you pray your prayers come back a hundred fold but would our asking for another child be way too bold? ♪ ♪ but ask we did, we prayed that god would give us just one more ♪ ♪ and god said no, you can't have one, instead i'll give you
2:54 am
four ♪ ♪ so god gave me my babies, in fact he gave me five ♪ ♪ my earthly dreams have come to me now and through it all i've come to see now ♪ ♪ god i know for sure one thing is true ♪ ♪ i have the greatest gift of a all, 'cause i have you ♪ ♪ i have you [ applause ] >> gorgeous, allison. we'll be right back.
2:55 am
with a surprise for elizabeth. first this is "today" on nbc.
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2:58 am
we are back with "everyone has a story" honoring one very special family. >> allison love performed "i have you" for the stewart family. with us is david friedman and david wiel. now hoe hoda, what's up? >> what did you think of the
2:59 am
song? >> it was gorgeous. >> she actually in fairness couldn't hear it. we had screaming babies. we called security and had to have a few removed. everyone is back. >> it was really moving. really moving, beautiful. >> as if you don't have enough on your plate right now. >> we are going to present you with a little gift. this comes from they heard about your story and wanted to donate $2,000 worth of goodies you'll probably need to keep your family happy and healthy. you'll get a certificate and you can go pick up a few things. >> sure you can, why not? >> david has interesting news going on. >> in addition to doing "scandalous," i'll be at 54 below. which is the cub beneath studio 54. i'm doing my first solo act in 12 years doing my songs monday, october 22nd and october 29th


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